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Will Coaching Help?

Professional Church Workers are highly educated, typically have great empathy for others, and possess a keen sense of God’s calling in their lives. Hard work and long hours are common among people who want to embrace God’s calling. And the rewards are deeply satisfying.

But what if you don’t feel satisfied with the way things are? Who can you (safely) talk to about your Call? How do you manage unrealistic expectations from the congregation/school/Board? Where do you find solutions to problems never addressed at school/seminary? How does one get “unstuck,” re-focused, and regain the joy of your true calling?

Embrace your Higher Calling
Many Professional Church Workers leave their current assignment without resolving the problems necessitating their leaving. This is unfortunate because the Called worker could be denying him/herself a fruitful and joy-filled opportunity where they currently serve (if the problems could be solved), and, unless one develops greater skills, abilities, insight and knowledge, there is a high probability that the problem will be repeated at the next assignment. Partnering with a Professional  Executive Coach, someone with many years of education and experience as a Professional Church Worker, might be a welcomed answer.

Rev. Dr. Phil Pledger has the education, experience and passion to Empower Professional Church Workers to Embrace their Higher Calling.