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Tough Topics: how to talk to employees (and ministry volunteers) about personal hygiene and other tough issues

Introduction and Course Overview

We all know at least one person who’s hygiene habits are less than optimal. It might be an employee or a Board member. It could even be a colleague, someone on the staff, or a trusted partner. Discussing personal hygiene is often difficult, something we too often avoid for fear of “offending” someone or creating an awkward work/ministry environment. In this workshop we will develop a framework for scheduling the tough conversations and then learn to deal with the conversations that arise spontaneously. By workshop’s end, you will be prepared for any kind of challenging conversation the might arise.

You will benefit from this workshop by:

  • Identify the advantages to having tough conversations
  • Understand and describe the components of an effective behavior modification conversation
  • Use your organization’s resources to help you deal with hygiene issues
  • Overcome barriers that employees (and ministry partners) put up when discussing hygiene problems
  • Resolve hygiene issues poor clothing choices, bad breath, body odor, excessive gas, and incontinence
  • Nip poor hygiene habits in the bud and identify ways to encourage good hygiene at your workplace

About Booking this Workshop:

This workshop can be presented ONLINE (and live) or ONSITE. This workshop will be customized for your ministry to accomplish your objectives.

Initial Consultation (by one representative or by whole team)- No Charge
Let’s talk about ways to establish peak ministry performance!

Teams of 2  –   $125 per contact hour/session

Teams of 3 to 7 –   $50 per person per session

Teams greater than 7, let’s talk.

ONSITE Workshops are negotiated according to several variables such as: level of detail required, number of days onsite required, materials desired (such as workbooks for each participant), any special needs/accommodations. Additionally, the organization is expected to pay for travel and lodging (if necessary).

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