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The Higher Calling Coach; Your Outsourced Leadership/Staff Development Coach

Do you WANT to offer your staff quality Leadership/Staff Development but the budget numbers won’t cooperate? Large Churches and Schools often have many resources from which to draw. They can afford to hire full-time staff to meet all their ministry needs (or so it seems from the point of view of most medium and smaller ministries). But for most churches and parochial schools, that is just not possible.

But how great would it be if everyone in your ministry could benefit from ongoing Leadership/Staff Development? (I know, right? It would be wonderful!) Imagine that every individual has access to developing additional leadership skills, an opportunity for each person to reach their fullest potential in Christ! Make The Higher Calling Coach your Outsourced Leadership/Staff Development Coach. Together we will transform employees into a High-Performance Ministry Team.

  • Objectives:
    • Learn to work as a ministry team.
    • Learn what supervisors need to do their job properly.
    • Explore what makes an effective ministry team.
    • How to work in uncomfortable situations such as with difficult people or with uncertain expectations.
    • Knowing where your job fits into the whole and how to do it well.
    • Asking good questions (of those you report to and those who report to you).
    • What do you have to do to be successful in your position?
    • What makes your job a ministry?
    • Focus your efforts on results, empowering others, honoring God, finding satisfaction.
    • Overcoming your three most difficult challenges.
    • YOU drive the agenda; what are your questions or challenges, what would YOU like to work on?
  • Agenda:
    • There are several options here:
      • One-on-one Coaching via Skype or Zoom. This allows personalized attention and the ability to completely customize the conversation.
      • Team Coaching, also via Skype or Zoom (groups up to 7 are comfortable; let’s talk if that number is greater than 7). This focuses on the team and is exceedingly valuable as the team grows in effectiveness.
      • On-site workshop; this has advantages but raises costs due to travel.
      • Combination (most recommended): either on-site once then follow-up with either one-on-one Coaching or Team Coaching. Or, start with Team (On-line) Coaching and then move to One-on-one Coaching; or, let’s talk about how you and your ministry might be best served. 
  • Benefits of working with The Higher Calling Coach:
    • Thirty-three years of ministry experience in a variety of ministries.
    • Doctor of Ministry in Organizational Leadership.
    • Trained and experienced Intentional Interim Pastor (member of NALIP).
    • Trained and certified Coach (Certified Executive Coach; continuing education toward ICF certification with Coach Approach Ministries).
    • Many hours of continuing education for multiple disciplines.
    • Worked with large staff as well as small (and even no staff!).
    • Can draw from a formative catalog of workshop material as needed (see tab “Consulting Services” for partial list).
    • My approach is to equip the congregation and/or Team in the necessary skills of their ministry. As with the concept of Discipleship, what is learned is to be passed on to others. If there’s one thing that is certain about the future of Church work, we will all need to be adaptable. If there’s a second thing that is certain, the Church needs to be a learning organization.
    • Depending on your viewpoint, something I believe very important is to bless and equip the Pastor or Principal or Ministry Leader(s). It seems that too many consultants have a need to “be the expert,” rather than empower the experts already in the congregation, school, or ministry. My consultant work is Coaching-based. This means wherever possible, I want to share my tools, equip those with whom I’m working, and help each leader become ever more skilled and equipped to do what I do in their particular ministry. No co-dependencies! This is the reason for the extended Coaching follow-up; it takes time, but well worth the effort and costs.

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