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Disability Awareness; working with people with disabilities

Introduction and Course Overview

In 1990, the United States enacted “The Americans with Disabilities Act” (known as the ADA). The ADA is a civil rights law. It prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public. The ADA impacts many areas of society including the construction and maintenance of any buildings open to the public (including Churches, Schools and other buildings and programs offered by Christian and other non-profit organizations). More important than the law is our Gospel imperative to include all people for whom Christ died. Choose this workshop to help your ministry understand people with special needs and learn to more fully appreciate each person’s uniqueness and value under Christ.

This workshop will help you and your ministry team:

  • Prepare to welcome people with disabilities into your ministry
  • Interact with people with disabilities with confidence and grace
  • Identify and overcome barriers that might exist
  • Use respectful, appropriate, acceptable language in any circumstance
  • Understand what your ministry can do to serve people with disabilities
  • Become aware how to appropriately interview and hire people with disabilities.
    • What questions are allowed and not allowed
  • Understand ADA-required  job accommodations and how it applies in your workplace

In addition:

  • How the World Health Organization defines disability
  • Challenge stereotypes regarding people with disability
  • Examine case-studies of real-life situations
  • Respecting confidentiality
  • Learn practical aspects:
    • Use of descriptive words and other communication essentials
    • How to treat service animals
    • When to “help” a person who is disabled
    • Providing equal access: ramps, doorways, restrooms

About Booking this Workshop:

This workshop can be presented ONLINE (and live) or ONSITE. This workshop will be customized for your ministry to accomplish your objectives.

Initial Consultation (by one representative or by whole team)- No Charge
Let’s talk about ways to establish peak ministry performance!

Teams of 2  –   $125 per contact hour/session

Teams of 3 to 7 –   $50 per person per session

Teams greater than 7, let’s talk.

ONSITE Workshops are negotiated according to several variables such as: level of detail required, number of days onsite required, materials desired (such as workbooks for each participant), any special needs/accommodations. Additionally, the organization is expected to pay for travel and lodging (if necessary).

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