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Coaching for Revitalization

Coaching for the Revitalization Ministry:

  • Serve as “designated coach” for individuals and leadership groups utilizing the CNH revitalization ministry programs:
    • In “Legacy Congregations”:
      • Coach individual Pastors and other Professional Church Workers associated with the given Legacy ministry.
      • Coach groups such as: Board of Elders, Board of Directors/Church Council, Outreach/Evangelism committees, etc. 
    • Coach individuals and ministry teams in congregations taking advantage of Transforming for Mission:
      • The effectiveness in TFM will increase exponentially if coaching is included as follow-up to the program. Whether the CNH includes me in their coaching plans or not, I would highly recommend making follow-up coaching mandatory if at all possible. 
      • As a TFM Coach, I would coach toward effective implementation of the TFM prescriptions; or, if deemed more advantageous, coach the leader(s) toward effective implementation of those prescriptions. (Pure coaching coaches the individual according to their agenda; mentor-coaching (coaching according to an agenda, plan, or for specific outcomes) is often more effective in situations such as TFM.
    • As Coach:
      • Empower, encourage, help refocus leadership toward renewed vision, higher performance, and greater leadership effectiveness.
      • Additional options: utilize “mentor coaching” where appropriate to help develop (new) skills and effective ministry processes.
      • Coaching is appropriate for individuals and small groups; often ministry teams are merely people only vaguely aware of how to work as a team. Coaching the team will help them become a healthy and productive ministry team joyfully focused on ministry objectives.
    • Missional Pathway Congregations
      • These congregations are more stable and generally healthy. Coaching these leaders (individual and groups) as a follow-up to the four workshops will help increase effectiveness of their classes AND will increase program satisfaction since someone can “come alongside” to help them go over, around or through obstacles to their success. 
    • Discipleship to Missional Communities
      • PLI does a great job with their presentation and follow-up.
      • I’m eager to serve in some complementary way.