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Building High-Performance Teams

Introduction and Course Overview

Why do people hate meetings? I heard one person say they would rather get a root-canal than attend another meeting! The fact is, too many meetings are a boring waste of time. High-Performance Team members LOVE meetings because they are productive, engaging and empowering (and are usually very time-efficient). High-Performance Teams know what they want to accomplish and are results-oriented. Good teams get things done. High-Performance Teams aim higher than just getting things done: High-Performance Teams inspire their whole organization to fulfil their God-given mission. Choose this workshop if you would like to transform your ministry team into a High-Performance ministry Team.

This workshop will help your ministry team become a High-Performance Team. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Five Most Important Outcomes. . .
  • Defining Teams; characteristics of an effective team
  • The five fundamentals of effective ministry teams
  • Effectiveness; “What” is good but “Why” is better
  • Creating synergy, team focus, and momentum
  • Understanding Adaptive and Technical challenges
  • Team member surveys are often used to analyze individual team-member traits
  • The Three-month Challenge

About Booking this Workshop:

This workshop can be presented ONLINE (and live) or ONSITE. This workshop will be customized for your ministry to accomplish your objectives.

Initial Consultation (by one representative or by whole team)- No Charge
Let’s talk about ways to establish peak ministry performance!

Teams of 2  –   $125 per contact hour/session

Teams of 3 to 7 –   $50 per person per session

Teams greater than 7, let’s talk.

ONSITE Workshops are negotiated according to several variables such as: level of detail required, number of days onsite required, materials desired (such as workbooks for each participant), any special needs/accommodations. Additionally, the organization is expected to pay for travel and lodging (if necessary).

Contact Phil Pledger:

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