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Becoming Passionate about Mission and Ministry; Get off Hospice and LIVE Again!

Too many congregations are slowing dying. Perhaps the neighborhood changed or the “big box” church offered ministry and services that can’t be beat, or maybe people are saying it’s just because young people are no longer interested in church.

Those — as well as the many other issues — may all be quite true. But that doesn’t mean we need to roll over and die. Instead, we need to do what the Church has always done during stressful times: Pray, Rededicate ourselves to Christian basics, Reevaluate our current ministry trajectory, Refocus our efforts, and dedicate ourselves to Renewal. In a nutshell, that’s call transformation.

  • Objectives:
    • Honestly assess current ministry.
    • Honestly assess ministry strengths and passions.
    • Learn to use various assessment and ministry deployment tools
    • Discern God’s direction, recognize His Will for this community
    • Create a practical plan.
  • Agenda:
    • Prior to on-site workshop, congregation completes extensive questionnaire provided by consultant.
    • Using online platform and telephone, consultant works with congregational leadership to better understand congregational needs and to complete any work not yet submitted.
    • On-site, the consultant would lead workshops, ideally beginning on one evening and continuing most of the next day. On Sunday morning the leadership team will conduct follow-up and sharing of findings/plans with whole congregation.
    • Over the next three months, The Higher Calling Coach (your consultant) will work with the whole leadership team in order to: a) complete the ministry plan – provide additional tools as needed, b) Coach leadership team in successfully executing ministry plans, and c) help overcome issues that bog-down transformation process.
    • Additional Coaching is offered if leadership group or individual leaders wish to continue with the coaching relationship.
  • Benefits of working with The Higher Calling Coach:
    • Thirty-three years of ministry experience in a variety of ministries.
    • Doctor of Ministry in Organizational Leadership.
    • Trained and experienced Intentional Interim Pastor (member of NALIP).
    • Trained and certified Coach (Certified Executive Coach; continuing education toward ICF certification with Coach Approach Ministries).
    • Many hours of continuing education for multiple disciplines.
    • Can draw from a formative catalog of workshop material as needed (see tab “Consulting Services” for partial list).
    • My approach is to equip the congregation in the skills and practice of strategic planning. As with the concept of Discipleship, what is learned is to be passed on to others. If there’s one thing that is certain about the future of Church work, we will all need to be adaptable. If there’s a second thing that is certain, the Church needs to be a learning organization.
    • I believe it is very important is to bless and equip the Pastor or Principal (if working with a school). It seems that too many consultants have a need to “be the expert,” rather than empower the experts already in the congregation or school. My consultant work is Coaching-based. This means wherever possible, I want to share my tools, equip those with whom I’m working, and help each leader become ever more skilled and equipped to do what I do in their particular ministry. No co-dependencies! This is the reason for the extended Coaching follow-up; it takes time, but well worth the effort and costs.

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