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As a CNH Coach. . .

As Professional Church Workers (PCW) seek help for issues they face in their ministry, I propose that the District President (or designee) suggest to the Worker the establishment of a coaching relationship. There is an obvious spectrum of “encouragement” regarding coaching services;

  • 1) It’s available as a resource you might want to utilize.
  • 2) You are encouraged to consider coaching.
  • 3) Your Supervisor(s) recommend that you establish a coaching relationship.
  • 4) Unless you consult outside help (Coach, Psychologist, Therapist, etc), your Call may be in jeopardy.

This coaching relationship does not compete with the help they received from District/Synod in regards to their Call.

A coaching relationship will allow the individual to process professional ministry (or personal) frustrations, examine obstacles faced, become empowered to make healthy changes to their attitudes, skill sets, and professional activities.

Coaching will also help clients discover more about their own motivations, learn new skills and find new and healthy ways to cope with professional stress.

As Denominational leaders know, stress among Professional Church Workers can be substantial, leading to burnout and causing systemic damage to the organization they serve. Coaching will minimize the numbers of burned-out Professional Church Workers and mitigate organizational damage caused by this high-level stress.

Note: Coaching is NOT counseling. The coach does not delve into emotional past (trauma, psychological issues, etc), but assumes an emotionally healthy individual who wants to get past obstacles and grow in their profession and in personal well being. It is not uncommon for a person to have a Counselor (psychological professional) AND a Coach; these are two completely different disciplines. If a client demonstrates a need for psychological counseling, the coach WILL refer that person to a qualified professional.

Coaching, and where requested, mentor coaching can be exceedingly helpful for individuals new to ministry (and sometimes just new to the District).

As Coach I will:

  • Empower, encourage, help refocus leadership toward renewed vision, strive for higher performance, and greater leadership effectiveness.
  • Consider additional options. For example: utilize “mentor coaching” where appropriate to help develop (new) skills and effective ministry processes.
  • Utilize best practices.
  • Be available for individuals AND small groups and ministry teams.(Often ministry teams are merely people only vaguely aware of how to work as a team. Coaching the team will help them become a healthy and productive ministry team joyfully focused on ministry objectives.)