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Christian Leadership Matters; building professional-level leadership skills

Introduction and Course Overview

Are leaders born or are they made? That’s a big question and my answer is both. But my follow-up answer is: It doesn’t matter! There is no ONE skill-set shared by all great leaders. Some leaders are introverts, some extroverts. Some are highly intellectual, others more action-oriented. Regardless of what you were born with, almost everyone can learn to become a better leader; leadership is a bundle of skills and attitudes, of vision and passion. If a person has but the desire, anyone can improve in each of those areas.

Leadership is a HUGE topic, but this workshop will focus on practical leadership skills and attitudes and how that relates to vision and passion. You will learn in this workshop many important and practical skills of leadership.

  • What makes a good leader?
  • What successful leaders do
  • Learn ways to prioritize, plan, and manage your time
  • Identify your primary leadership style and techniques for maximizing that style
  • Develop more flexibility to use other leadership styles
  • Search for ways to overcome communication barriers
  • Determine ways you can meet the needs of employees and co-workers through communication and coaching
  • Establish a foundation of trust with those you lead
  • Have confidence to invite (and embrace the benefits of) different opinions
  • Put into action the Seven Principles of Christian Leadership
  • Knowing WHO you are as a leader
  • Knowing WHERE you are going
  • Developing a TESTED and CONFIDENT direction
  • The Three-Month Challenge

About Booking this Workshop:

This workshop can be presented ONLINE (and live) or ONSITE. This workshop will be customized for your ministry to accomplish your objectives.

Initial Consultation (by one representative or by whole team)- No Charge
Let’s talk about ways to establish peak ministry performance!

Teams of 2  –   $125 per contact hour/session

Teams of 3 to 7 –   $50 per person per session

Teams greater than 7, let’s talk.

ONSITE Workshops are negotiated according to several variables such as: level of detail required, number of days onsite required, materials desired (such as workbooks for each participant), any special needs/accommodations. Additionally, the organization is expected to pay for travel and lodging (if necessary).

Contact Phil Pledger:

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