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A Course in Appreciative Inquiry – Build your Team on existing STRENGTHS

Introduction and Course Overview

Instead of focusing on what you or your ministry CAN’T do, Appreciative Inquiry is all about what you CAN do. Based on the work of David Cooperrider, Appreciative Inquiry posits that  organizational health is best viewed from a strengths perspective instead of from a deficit perspective. Appreciative Inquiry is not merely a “method” or “technique,” but a comprehensive way of thinking, a strategy that brings to the surface strengths you and your team already possess and utilizes those strengths to empower each team member to reach their fullest potential. As in the name, Appreciative Inquiry is discovering what can be “appreciated” in each person, and cultivating those strengths that benefit both the individual and the team on which they serve.

You can expect that this workshop will both inform and inspire participants and help your team become more effective, energetic and engaged. Some of what you will learn include:

  • What is Appreciative Inquiry (AI), can it make a difference?
    • What AI is NOT: (Not positive thinking)
  • Focusing on strengths; looking at what’s right
  • Understanding the basics of AI:
    • Words are powerful
    • Just asking elicits change
    • Inspiring imagery
    • What we focus on grows
    • Positive questions lead to positive change
  • The three tools to make AI practical
  • What is an “appreciative conversation”?
  • The 5D cycle of Appreciative Inquiry
  • S.O.A.R. the alternative to S.W.O.T.
  • Effectively using AI to achieve organizational results
    • Often MORE effective than traditional approaches
    • AI is transformational for individuals and organizations
    • The benefits of asking powerful questions
  • Principle: Organizations are not “problems to be solved,” but “mysteries to be explored.”
    • Appreciate “What is”
    • Imagine “What might be”
    • Determine “What Should be”
    • Create “What will be”
  • The Three Month Challenge

About Booking this Workshop:

This workshop can be presented ONLINE (and live) or ONSITE. This workshop will be customized for your ministry to accomplish your objectives.

Initial Consultation (by one representative or by whole team)- No Charge
Let’s talk about ways to establish peak ministry performance!

Teams of 2  –   $125 per contact hour/session

Teams of 3 to 7 –   $50 per person per session

Teams greater than 7, let’s talk.

ONSITE Workshops are negotiated according to several variables such as: level of detail required, number of days onsite required, materials desired (such as workbooks for each participant), any special needs/accommodations. Additionally, the organization is expected to pay for travel and lodging (if necessary).

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