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Month: January 2022

Absent Blog Poster Found!

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Confession: I’ve been a terrible blog poster! Since I began this blog (which didn’t last very long) I’ve made a couple of career transitions, moved to Northern California, and recently re-dedicated myself to building an ongoing coaching practice. The web site will be totally re-designed as will what I offer. The name and focus of my coaching practice will remain the same, “The Higher Calling Coach; Enabling Professional Church Workers to Embrace Their Higher Calling.” So, if you will forgive the LONG hiatus and might welcome additional postings from “The Higher Calling Coach,” stay tuned for some needed changes.

One important change to my practice will be to offer Courses. Courses will help focus attention on an area of life or ministry that might need some attention and guide one through the process of positive change.  So, to provide the reader with something designed to be helpful, here is a short article based on the Course called: “Embracing Your Higher Calling; A More Strategic Life.


Reach New Levels Of Success And Fulfilment By Becoming A Life Strategist…

Is it really possible to achieve everything you want in life, personally and professionally? To many people, the idea of being, doing and having everything you genuinely want in life seems like a pipe dream.

For starters, how many people actually take the time to really contemplate their true heart’s desire? A large majority of folks don’t even know what they really want out of life because they haven’t taken the time to even consider it. That being said, I think it is a safe bet to say we all know “that one person” who has blissfully stumbled along, seemingly hitting the jackpot with each step in their life. They don’t worry about plans or what’s next. They “go with the flow.” Somehow, someway, they keep finding new and exciting ways to succeed.

Now, as mature, refined adults, we’d never say we hate those people, but let’s be honest …we hate those people. And you know why? It is because we aren’t them. Most of us haven’t been so blessed. We worked hard and did exactly what was expected of us, but we still aren’t happy where our life is at the moment.

Sure, things are fine. It could be worse. We aren’t doing all that bad, after all. We have a couple of wins to our name. But a part of us always wonders, “why not me?” Why can’t I be the lucky one for once? 

Feeling that way makes perfect sense. Getting lucky is great. Who wouldn’t want to get lucky in life more often? People often don’t give luck the credit it deserves when it comes to success.  That said, luck isn’t the only thing you can leverage for success. There is something else, something anyone can add to their life.


Embrace Your Higher Calling: A More Strategic Life

In “A More Strategic Life” you are going to learn about the power of being a “life strategist”. You will start by looking at your biggest dreams and desires, then you will begin formulating a strategy to bring ALL of them into reality. With the “Strategic Life” program, you will discover…

  • What a “life strategy is” and what you can accomplish with one
  • An introduction to the creation of your own strategic life plan
  • A process and framework you can follow to start living strategically

This short post is a preview; once I rewrite the website and get a few proverbial ducks into a proper row, you would see here “the offering”; how to make “Embrace Your Higher Calling; A More Strategic Life” your own. Until then, please email The Higher Calling Coach if you would like to consider this course and/or personal executive coaching. 

Thank you all for your patience; Blessings in Christ,


Rev. Dr. Phillip Pledger